West Palm Beach Vendor information

WPBAF Vendors,

Good morning, hope you all got a good night’s rest.  Just a few thoughts from yesterday.

  • Attendance was up 36% from last June and 33% from last month.
  • Our Instagram audience is up 25% in the last 3 weeks.  Thanks for those comments and shares.
  • Heard several conversations between new customers and dealers yesterday about the show.  “Do you do this every month?” was a phrase that I heard a few times.   That means we are drawing new sets of eyeballs, which is the whole point.
  • There were way too many booths closed before 5 p.m. yesterday.  That is not allowed.  Businesses stay open until the customers are gone and leaving before 5 p.m. does not reflect well upon the show.  There were also booths that were not open at 9 a.m.- and early shoppers came to the office and voiced displeasure.  Our early bird shoppers more than doubled from last month and were up 89% over last June.  We need to provide them better service by being open when the show is advertised as open.
  • For those of you who still owe balances or are booking for July, please come to the office and take care of it. Leaving it all to Sunday makes a hectic day even crazier. Handling it sooner rather than later is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for a great first day of a new journey-

Jon and the Show Team