Dear West Palm Beach Dealers,

Thanks for the warm welcome from all of you to our first show.  Overall, we are ecstatic with our first WPBAF.  We accomplished several first show goals by increasing attendance over last month and last year, as well as more dealer revenue.  We did see an increase in new and younger customers which is a top priority.  We promise to continue working hard on those efforts.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help and that is critical.  Here are some things that will help us tremendously.

  • Commitment- let us know you are doing the show as soon as you can.  That commitment and deposit or payment substantially reduces workload between shows and allow us to spend our time chasing customers instead of chasing dealers.   You want us chasing customers and not you. 
  • Communicate- please read and respond to our communications.  If you receive something from us regarding participation in an upcoming show and it is not correct- let us know.
  • Word of mouth- if you are happy with the show and the direction we want to take it, tell everyone, fellow dealers, customers- even total strangers.  Referrals are the best way to grow the show.
  • Share, Like and Comment- Instagram and Facebook are the key method to growing our attendance.  Because of the way they work- we can grow exponentially if our vendors are sharing, liking and commenting on our posts.  It’s already working but collectively we can do more.

Thanks again for the welcome and looking forward to great things together-

Jon and the show staff